Technical Advisory Services

At NTU, we strive for the real impact of our activities

We know industry standards, best practices and latest insights. We also look beyond the classic solutions. Our multi-sector experience allows us to transfer methods and tools between sectors as well as come up with new concepts and approaches, leading to innovation. We always anticipate the results the particular approach will bring, thus choosing the best possible option.

Whenever possible, we look for opportunities to set more ambitious sustainability targets or scale-up project outcomes. We carefully consider all options, adding value, without extra complexity or costs to our Clients. We know that the right advisor shall not only focus on technical aspects, but keep in mind their financial and institutional implications.

What our Clients most often look for when they need a Technical Advisor:

  • Collect and analyse information
  • Diagnose and define problems / issues / challenges & opportunities
  • Recommend specific solutions
  • Develop plans and strategies
  • Implement actions
  • Solve problems / issues / challenges
  • Realise latent opportunities
  • Build consensus and commitment of stakeholders
  • Facilitate client learning and awareness raising


Project Examples


We are never alone on our path to sustainable results

We always work as one team with the stakeholders, developing dynamic collaboration. The objective is to provide tailored solutions and ensure that our Technical Advisory services can be practically applied in the long-term perspective.

We are here to empower and co-create, to listen and to support. We always defend our Clients’ best interests, remaining faithful to highest standards of ethical behaviour and business integrity at all times.      

NTU’s Technical Advisory Services range throughout all the steps of the project management cycle, including: