EIBAS Lot 6 - Bio-Economy



Within Lot 6 Bio-economy services will be provided to support the preparation and implementation of projects within the bio-economy sector, spanning from primary production through the entire associated value chains including, but not limited to, the following sub-sectors: natural resources management, rural infrastructure, equipment, machinery and input supply, primary biomass production, food and biomass material manufacturing, transport, storage, retail and distribution, climate change adaptation or mitigation and analysis of other related cross-cutting issues as well as advanced biofuels, and research and innovation.

Horizontal services required within the scope of the framework agreement include:

  • Project Preparation Support: e.g. supporting the preparation and review of the complete project documentation and EU funding application
  • Project Implementation Support with specialist input in the areas of procurement, contract management, cost analysis and monitoring or engineering and institutional arrangements
  • Capacity building, knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Provision of advice on regulatory matters
  • Provision of advice and analysis related to markets of agricultural and forestry products
  • Upstream preparatory work for Project Finance operations or PPP project and transaction advisory support
  • Climate action – adaptation including adaptation solutions assessments; screening of projects for climate sensitivities; climate risk and vulnerability assessment; advise on institutional arrangements for climate resilience; adaptation and resilience planning, among others.