EIBAS Lot 3 - Mobility



Within Lot 3 Mobility the advisory services to support transport projects, including but not limited to the following sub–sectors: roads, rail, urban transport, air transport, waterborne transport, logistic platforms, transport electrification and transport digitalization.

Horizontal services required within the scope of the framework agreement include:

  • Strategy/programming support namely supporting the development of integrated transport plans, sustainable urban mobility plans, sector strategies, sector adaptation plans, among others
  • Project Preparation Support
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Capacity building, knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Advisory support on regulatory and institutional matters
  • Climate action – mitigation, including technology assessments, alternative fuel and powertrain expertise, support for zero emission-mobility charging infrastructure, among others
  • Climate action – adaptation, including screening of projects for climate sensitivities; climate risk and vulnerability assessment; cost benefit analyses of adaptation options, advise on institutional arrangements for climate resilience; adaptation and resilience planning; approaches for managing physical climate risk in operations
  • PPP project and transaction advisory support.