Multiple Framework Agreement to Support EIB’s Communication Activities Outside the EU

Lot 2: Southern Neighbourhood, Turkey and Middle East

Lot 3: Sub-Saharan Africa

Lot 4: South East Asia and Pacific

Lot 5: Latin America and Caribbean

Duration: 6 years (2022 – 2028)
Total Value: 6 Million EUR (Lot 2), 14.7 Million EUR (Lot 3), 5.3 Million EUR (Lot 4) and 3.5 Million EUR (Lot 5)
Location: Worldwide
Client: EIB

In December 2022, NTU was awarded 4 Framework Contracts under the Project: Support to the EIB’s Communication Activities outside the EU, financed by the European Investment Bank. This project will run from December 2022 until 2028.

NTU supports the EIB in delivering communication campaigns and activities in countries within the regions Southern Neighbourhood, Turkey and Middle East; Sub-Saharan Africa; South East Asia and the Pacific, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. The projects contribute to raising EU and EIB visibility and increasing awareness of the positive impact which these two holds.

These communication projects complement the overall EIB and EU messages and communication activities while drawing on a more tailored local presence, expertise, and network.

NTU provides a variety of project management services, including overseeing the delivery of the whole assignment.

Within the contract, there will be numerous assignments which entail a broad variety of communication services; these assignments will be implemented continuously by NTU.