EU Framework Contracts SEA2023



NTU International are currently leading five Lots and be a partner for another four from the prestigious EU FWCs for Services for External Aid (SEA2023)! With a total budget value of 335 MEUR, these awards follow our prior success in securing Framework Contracts and attests NTU as trusted long-term partner to EU institutions.


With outstanding technical evaluation scores, NTU is now awarded as leader of 5 SEA2023 Lots in key sectors of our long-proven capacity:


Lot 1:
Climate Change, Sustainable Energy
and Nuclear Safety

Budget: 20 MEUR



Lot 4:
Sustainable Transport, Infrastructures, Green Cities, Connectivity and Sustainable Mobility

Budget: 40 MEUR



Lot 6:
Macro-economic analysis, Fiscal policies, PFM, Budget support

Budget: 120 MEUR



Lot 13:
Health, Social Inclusion

Budget: 20 MEUR



Lot 14:
Migration and Forced Displacement

Budget: 20 MEUR



In addition, NTU is now partner for the following Lots:


Lot 3:
Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition

Budget: 30 MEUR



Lot 5:
Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital

Budget: 30 MEUR



Lot 7:
Micro-Economic Analysis, Investment Climate, Private Sector, Trade and Employment

Budget: 30 MEUR



Lot 10:
Civil Society and Local Authorities

Budget: 25 MEUR



Global Impact
Over the span of the next four years 2024 - 2028, NTU International's engagement with SEA2023 assignments will contribute to the swift deployment of expertise and services with the aim to promote key areas with positive impact.