Quality and Business Integrity Management

NTU Business Integrity Statement


NTU is committed to highest standards of ethical behaviour and zero-tolerance to corruption policy and requires its employees, partners and sub-contractors to act according to our principles of business integrity.  NTU zero-tolerance policy covers:

  • Bribery - engagement in offering, promising, or giving a payment, gift or other advantage directly or indirectly to a public official or private client as undue consideration to influence selection, execution or compensation procedures;
  • Extortion - engagement in threatening any public official or private client, his family or property in order to influence selection or compensation procedures, or the execution of an assignment;
  • Fraud - engagement in the misrepresentation of data, factors or qualifications to meet the terms of contract during the selection or execution of a project, or during the distribution of project funds;
  • Collusion - engagement in actions among bidders designed to influence the bidding process and prevent the client from conducting a fair and open process; and
  • Any other forms of unethical behaviour.

NTU is committed to providing high quality services to clients under the highest standards of corporate ethics and competitive practices, and with total integrity in its transactions. NTU acts at all times for the benefit of clients, and carries out services with professional integrity, while not jeopardising the interests of society.

NTU does not take part in activities that could damage the reputation or business of others.

Objectivity and Impartiality of the firm

NTU acts with loyalty to its clients, and maintains the confidentiality of any information from the client that is obtained in the process of performing its services. NTU also keeps confidential the documents and reports prepared for a client.

NTU always avoids conflicts of interest, and informs a client beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could emerge during the execution of consulting services.

NTU does not accept any remuneration that could encourage the firm to offer a biased opinion.

NTU avoids any political contributions.

NTU Quality Policy

NTU International consistently provides reliable and tailor-made, high-quality Project Management services, that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients, while continually striving to improve.