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ADB TA-9502 TIM: Baucau to Viqueque Highway Project - 001 Team (51115-001)

Technical Assistance

The objective of this assignment is to develop an integrated national road network strategy and plan underpinned by policy instruments and institutional framework to effectively plan, execute, maintain and operate road sector assets in most efficient and cost-effective manner applying latest industry best practices.

Project vacancies related to this shortlist

Transport Policy Expert (Team Leader)

Road Maintenance Engineer

Road Design Engineer

Asset Management Expert (Systems)


This project is to help the Government of Timor-Leste in fulfilling its key priority under the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for 2011-2030 that aims to deliver a comprehensive road maintenance program, along with rehabilitation, upgrading of all existing roads and bridges, and establishing ring road national highway by 2030. 

Result to be achieved 

  • Draft a comprenhensive national road network strategy and plan 
    - Road Subsector Assessment 
    - Investments and O&M Strategy 
    - Organizational Reform Plan and LOS
    - Road Asset Management Plan 
    - DRBFC Operational Manual and Training 
    - Operational Plan for National Industry
  • Prepare a concept design for a sustainable road maintenance program 
    -Road Fund Policy Paper
    -Concept Design of Maintenance Program 

EuropeAid/138996/IH/SER/ME – IPA - Road safety assessment of Montenegro

Technical Assistance/ Capacity Building 

The purpose of the project is to undertake detailed road safety assessment on 1855 km of road network in Montenegro in line with Directives 2008/96 EC and 2004/54 EC, enhancing the country’s road safety network to deal with increased volumes of traffic on both trunk roads and regional roads. The project is carried out through the 2014-2020 IPA II and is well-aligned with the Transport Community Treaty (TCT) on the Development of the South East Core Regional Transport which was ratified in Montenegro in March 2018

Project vacancies related to this shortlist

Team Leader

Road Safety Expert

Road Infrastructure Expert

Training Expert


The overall objective of the project is to ensure effective enforcement of road safety legislation and to identify priority measures aimed at improving safety on the road network in Montenegro.

Results to be achieved

  • Road Risk Maps, in accordance with iRAP methodology
  • Road Star Rating, in accordance with iRAP methodology
  • On-job training of the licensed institution for auditing road safety aspects
  • Tracking road safety performance;
  • Safer Road Investment Plan with prioritisation of urgent actions.

EuropeAid/139464/DH/SER/UA Assistance for Dnipro transport development 

Technical Assistance/ Capacity Building 

The overall objective of the project will be to facilitate and promote the reform in the waterborne transport. This reform will be directly related to the obligations of the Article 367 of the AA to "promote efficient, effective and safe transport operations" and Annex XXXll to chapter 7 of the AA listing the relevant EU legislation to be implemented. The consultant shall help improve the legal and regulative framework required for reforming the IWW-subsector in relation to the Association Agreement. Contribute to the improvement and facilitation of the IWT subsector in MoI and the related institutions, building overall capacity with an aim to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of IWT systems in Ukraine, creating the enabling environment in which the IWT industry operates in terms of the effectiveness of sector organization, the market freedoms which it permits, the regality constraints it imposes, and the responsiveness with which the government and MoI fulfil their functions. 

Project vacancies related to this shortlist 

Team Leader - Ukraine 

Legal Expert on IWW

IWW Institutional and Capacity Building Expert 

IWW Logistics and Multimodal Expert 


To provide a comprehensive lWT facilitation plan for the Dnipro River, based on an assessment of the existing transport and freight supply/demand situation in Ukraine and an identification of all infrastructure, institutional, regulatory, environmental, safety and commercial challenges hindering IWT competitiveness.
Results to be achieved

  • Ukrainian legal framework for Inland Waterways in compliance with the EU Acquis Communautaire, according to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU and with international conventions to which Ukraine is a party;
  • Approved capacity-building plan, tailor-made for IWW sector institutions: Administrative capacity plan and corresponding application of procedures, job descriptions and necessary manuals;
  • Approved set of documents regarding the IWT-promotion: Programme of promotion activities, organisational scheme of IWT-promotion and development structures. Approved and implemented short -term training plan and approved inspection guidelines and checklists;
  • Established pilot information system for market observation;
  • Capacity improvement of MoI and relevant bodies of Ukraine managing the IWT-system, through implementing a reliable, impatial, transparent and efficient organisation, management and maintenance of the IWW network in Ukraine, in compliance with the AA and the international conventions;
  • Improved abilities of civil servants of the JWT-subsector to have full capacity for responding to the demanding process of reforming the entire system;
  • Approved comprehensive Dnipro IWW Transport Development Plan;
  • The progress on implementation of the obligations under the Association Agreement implementation is visible and promoted.

RFP No.: 08-2017 - Consulting Services to undertake performance reviews and develop turnaround strategies at Zimbabwe National Roads Administration

Technical Assistance/ Capacity Building

The consultant shall analyze the internal governance structure, operational and financial management as well as the performance measurement system of the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration to assess and provide recommendations.

Based on the findings of the Performance Review, the consultant shall come up with a comprehensive Reform Strategy for the ZINARA to guide on the strategic direction of the ZINARA and providing adequate measures to address the areas of improvement identified in the Performance Review.

Outputs to be delivered

  • Report I: "Planning and preparatory work" (draft and final)
  • Report II: "Analysis, Assessment and Recommendations" (draft and final)
  • Reform Strategy (Draft and Final)
  • One Stakeholder workshop
  • One Briefing Session for main stakeholders (including aide memoire)
  • One Debriefing Session for main stakeholders (including aide memoire)

EuropeAid/139433/DH/SER/UA Support to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in Reinforcing its Competencies in Air Operations (OPS) and Flight Crew Licensing (FCL)

Technical Assistance/ Capacity Building

TA and capacity building tasks with focus on providing support for the sustainable development of civil aviation and the civil aviation administration system, harmonise regulations and working practices to comply with the requirements of the EU norms and standards in the field of aviation safety (OPS&FCL). The project has to facilitate preparation for the implementation of the respective provisions stemming from the CAA Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, the Working Arrangement (WA) between the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Project vacancies related to this shortlist 

Civil Aviation FCL Expert 

Civil Aviation OPS Expert 

Team Leader - Air Transport/Aviation Safety


The project purpose is to strengthen the regulation and supervision of OPS& FCL.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • To provide legal support to the SAAU to set up a solid legal ground for effective implementation of the relevant EU aviation regulations (EU standard, regulatory and procedural requirements) in Ukraine;
  • In synergy with other on-going EU funded projects, to reinforce the SAAU structural institutional oversight capacity, specifically in the area of OPS&FCL;
  • To reinforce cooperation with air operators and other relevant partners in the domain of OPS&FCL in line with EU standards.

Results to be achieved

  • Priority relevant EU legislation, covered by the CAA Agreement, is transposed into Ukrainian legislation; the implementing regulations for the relevant OPS&FCL legislation are developed and implemented;
  • The internal procedures, handbooks, checklists and guidance materials for the relevant Aviation Rules of Ukraine (ARU) are developed and ready for the SAAU approval;
  • Institutional oversight capacity of the SAAU is strengthened and upgraded through appropriate measures (e.g. training, on-the job training, etc.);
  • Cooperation with air operators is reinforced through some joint activities proposed by the project also for the industry; relevant information and knowledge are exchanged/ shared

EuropeAid/138806/DH/SER/AL: Capacity Building for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Management Skills Development in the Albanian Transport sector 

Technical Assistance/ Capacity Building

Technical Assistance task focused on the capacity building of MoIE/ARA necessary to implement of the road objectives exposed on the National Transport Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020 for issues related to preparation, implementation and monitoring of PPP schemes on roads. Such schemes are expected to be used for completion of a comprehensive road network and to support operation and maintenance of the network in safe sustainable and competitive manner. These activities are aligned with the Specifics Tasks foreseen within the Priority Action 4 for Road Transport in the Transport Strategy.

Overall objective

The overall objective of the IPA 2016 Sector Reform Contract in which the services of this contract are included under complementary support is:

  • To contribute to an efficient transport system, integrated in the region and in the EU network, which promotes economic development and the citizens’ quality of life by focusing on the road transport.


The purpose of the contract is as follows:

  • To improve the capacities of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MoIE) and Albanian Roads Authority (ARA) by providing Technical Assistance service for developing skills and legislative framework concerning Private Public Partnership financing methods in the road transport infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance.

Results to be achieved 

  • The MoIE/ARA staffs are trained in the fundamental country advantages that differentiate infrastructure concession from other types of public administration contracts, and in the range of public-private sector infrastructure management contracts.
  • MoIE/ARA staffs are trained to in the full process of awarding a concession and PPP contracts on roads including identification of potential projects, evaluation process and contract preparation as well as contract monitoring implementation.