Institutional support to civil aviation in Montenegro



The transport sector, especially the civil aviation industry, is of strategic importance in Montenegro since the country is highly dependent on tourism. Therefore, better developed air infrastructure was needed to offer better conditions to tourism.

NTU successfully implemented between 2010 and 2012 the 1.2 Million Euro multi-sectoral infrastructure project Technical Assistance to the Transport Sector, Montenegro, funded by EuropeAid. One of the specific objectives of the project was to develop air infrastructure and open new prospects for the country within the transport and tourism sector, thereby contributing to the economic growth of Montenegro and facilitating trade flows with neighboring countries.

How we did it:

Within this project, NTU provided technical assistance, among others, to the civil aviation sector to support aviation legislation, economic regulation, aviation safety, air traffic management, aviation security and airports regulation. One of the most important achievements of NTU under this project was the establishment fully competent, independent Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency (CAA). In this regards, the institutional and operational procedures were introduced, and the new Air Transport Law was drafted thanks to the support of NTU’s legal experts, to ensure that competences and work are in accordance with the EU standards. In addition, NTU also delivered capacity building and training activities to the professional staff with special focus on safety air transport culture along with a ready financial plan so that the CAA could be fully operational.


Within this project, the services provided by NTU impacted positively the aviation sector thanks to the establishment of a fully operational Civil Aviation Agency. NTU supported in ensuring the financial sustainability of the CAA with the development of a five-year financial plan.

The capacities and skills of the actors in the sector were strengthened thanks to training activities including on international rules for safe transport of dangerous goods by air, safety management systems and state safety programme, human factors affecting civil aviation safety, etc. The elaboration of technical documentations (including for EASA Standardisation Inspection Team visit, aircraft airworthiness monitoring documentation) contributed to the improvement of their technical capacities.

NTU also contributed to the improvement of the aviation legislation thanks to the draft of the new Air Transport Law.

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