Four-days training in Hydropower Projects Development

17th of April, 2023

NTU International is pleased to announce successful implementation of the fourth IAEREP Capacity building training that was held from the 11-14th April 2023 at the New Government Complex, Lusaka under the “Capacity Building for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects” funded by the European Union in Zambia. The four-days training in Hydrological Modelling and Analysis in relation to Hydropower Development was aimed at enhancing the knowledge and equipping engineers/hydrologist from the Rural Electrification Authority and other Public Institutions with skills necessary for effective planning and implementation of hydropower mini grid projects.

The training encompassed the following areas:

  1. Analysing flow hydrographs
  2. Developing duration curves for potential hydropower sites
  3. Developing flood frequency curves and determining design floods for hydropower projects
  4. Determining the resolution level for determining environmental flows
  5. Conducting flood routing
  6. Estimating energy outputs of potential hydropower sites

A total of 22 participants from a total of 10 institutions representing the public sector and academia participated in the training. The facilitator kept the trainees engaged by taking the time to gradually go through several case studies as the training involved a great deal of calculative components.  On the final day of the training course, trainees were each awarded a certificate of attendance and an information pack that will be very useful as they implement their hydropower projects. The training was also aimed at being a training of trainers targeting academic institutions to ensure continuity and sustainability.