NTU has been awarded the EU funded project "Communication & Visibility of the EU Support to the Justice Reform in Jordan "

The global objective is to improve the public awareness and visibility of the EU to support the Justice reform in Jordan, and about benefits of the reform supported by the EU. The Team on NTU Experts will deliver a Communication & Visibility Strategy and an action plan including cost estimation, which will meet the flowing specific objectives: To contribute to the EU image campaign in Jordan To raise awareness of the EU support to the Justice Reform Programme, and to ensure - visibility of achievements of the programme and its key partners. To assist in conducting of the related multi-stakeholder policy dialogue. To guide the implementing organisations of the EU programme conveying messages on both the impact of their project and the EU funding (campaigns, videos, visibility events, discourse to beneficiaries, success stories, pictures.). To implement the first phase of the communication strategy The project will begin with a desk research and brie?ngs with the EU Delegation for a thorough familiarisation with all components of the Justice Reform Programme and the complementary actions in meeting the required criteria for sector budget support. Followed by meetings with the implementing authorities of the programme i.e. Ministry of justice, Juridical Council, Judicial institute of Jordan and the their partners: law enforcement agencies (relevant members of the PSD and CRCD prisons), Jordan Bar Association, relevant NGOs and the civil society active in the Justice sector and any other necessary relevant institution. The Team on NTU Experts will proceed with darting and submission of a Communication & Visibility Strategy and the action plan of the strategy including the cost estimation. The team will implement phase 1 of the strategy, after receiving an approval from the EUD.