NTU Services

Project Management

NTU has been coordinating multiple large scale projects (up to 20 million EUR in size) for various clients, including national and local governments, development partners and international financial institutions such as European Commission, European Investment Bank, World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Danida, etc. in 157 countries.

Inside EU, we have been working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.

Going beyond state of the art, innovation and development are key for NTU, therefore we have been working extensively on projects under TEN-T (Trans-European Networks for Transport), TEN-E (Trans-European Networks for Energy), INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency), CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), Horizon 2020, Interreg Europe etc.


NTU capabilities in large scale project management include:

  • Legal build-up of the project
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP) establishment
  • Grant acquisition
  • Legal, financial, and political negotiation
  • Establishment of project structures and procedures
  • Network coordination
  • Visibility and dissemination  
  • Management of Innovation and proof of progress beyond the state of the art
  • Ensuring proper market deployment  
  • Ensuring timely and quality reporting
  • Technical and operational (administrative) backstopping to all phases of the project

NTU's total project volume has been over 40 million EUR in the last 5 years.