New Contract - NTU Consortium will provide Event management and logistics support to EASA

The end of 2020 was marked by NTU’s successful award of the Framework Contract to support EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) - Lot 2 "Event management and logistics support to EASA international cooperation activities".

This result follows NTU’s long standing international experience in implementing development projects where event management and logistics support were integral part of the services provided. Therefore, the NTU led Consortium has the skills and experience necessary to support the international cooperation activities in different working and cultural environments across the globe.  Moreover, during last 4 years, NTU has been a Leader of the Consortium successfully implementing “Framework Contract No. EASA.2016.FC12: Services in Support of EASA International Cooperation Activities - FWC LOT 1 ‐ Aviation Consulting and Training Services including Project Management & Logistical Support”. This allowed us to deeply understand EASA needs, expectations and work modality.

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The 7th EASA International Cooperation Forum

Services under Lot 2 " Event management and logistics support to EASA international cooperation activities" will provide overall and comprehensive logistical and event management support to the implementation of EASA’s international cooperation projects. 

The services under this contract will support directly activities under EASA’s ongoing and upcoming projects and will be provides both inside and outside the EU.

The contract duration is of four years and the contract budget is 18.4 mio. EUR.

For further information about the contract, please contact:

·        Framework Contract Manager: Emina Kapetanovic -

·        Framework Contract Coordinator: Francisco Malave –