NTU supported the organisation of the 4th Passenger-Protection Workshop of the ARISE+ project on 18-20 February in Cambodia

The 4th Passenger-protection workshop of the ARISE+ project was held in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) from the 18th to the 20th of February 2020, with the participation of 23 official delegates from six different ASEAN Member States (AMS).

The main goal of the workshop was to provide a concrete overview of the Air Passenger Protection regulations in the ASEAN region, following the work plan of the APCAP. The gathering of both the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) and other entities in charge of passenger protection rights in the AMS made it possible to enhance awareness of the Air Passenger Protection rules, in order to accomplish a satisfactory cooperation on passenger protection issues between the member states. The proactive approach used throughout the workshop improved the participation of the attendees, facilitating further discussions on the relevant issues facing participants and analysis of the various measures to be applied, which follow the ARISE Plus Project framework, that ultimately seeks to achieve common regulatory harmonization.

The Participating Member States from the ASEAN Region included Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao.

The workshop was conducted over a three-day period, highlighting the following topics:

  • Enhancement of the awareness on Air Passenger Protection rules in the ASEAN region
  • Analyze and determine existing Air Passenger Protection regimes of the AMS members
  • Identification and sharing possible issues as well as Project Implementation Approaches
  • Review of the AMS national legislations and procedures
  • Further harmonization in line with the agreed common practices

NTU supported EASA in the organisation of this activity by providing the 3 experts that delivered the workshop, as well as the Technical Coordinator. Additionally, the NTU logistics team arranged the mobilisation and accommodation of the delegates, event venue and catering.