4th Annual meeting with EASA International Cooperation Department

Services in Support of EASA International Cooperation Activities - Lot 1: Aviation Consulting & Training Services including Project Management & Logistical Support (2016-2020)

The NTU led Consortium held its fourth and final annual meeting with EASA on Tuesday 9th June 2020. The NTU Consortium Framework Contract Manager Ms. Emina Kapetanovic presented the following results achieved during the four years of implementation:

  • 250 specific contracts signed, supporting EASA International Cooperation Department in their projects in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Total budget committed 17.8 Mio. EUR
  • 10,500 Senior Aviation Experts working days
  • 1,670 Project Assistant and Logistical Support working days.

Following the meeting, Ms. Kapetanovic commented; “At NTU we have been honoured to have had the opportunity to work closely with EASA over the four-year period, making a significant contribution to safety in the aviation sector across the world. I am proud of my colleagues at NTU, where a stable, hardworking and proactive team undoubtedly ensured the success of the collaboration. We will continue to work just as hard finalising the implementation of the outstanding specific contracts, but look forward to working with our colleagues from EASA again, with whom we have built strong professional relationships”.

The contractual period of 4 years ended on 31st May 2020, however NTU’s Consortium is currently finalising implementation of 63 specific contracts, which will close by 30th November 2020. Please read more about the services provided under this contract in the following link: https://www.ntu.eu/framework-contracts/easa-lot-1-aviation/