NTU as the lead of a consortium has been shortlisted for the EIB project: TA2015034 HN LIF, Support to the "Honduras Sustainable Roads" Project

The overall objective of the Honduras Sustainable Roads Project is to improve the availability, quality, safety and resilience to climate change on the concerned road sections. Within this, the Technical Assistance project objective is to ensure the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Services (INSEP) capacity to implement the Project "Honduras Sustainable Roads" in accordance with relevant national and international standards and meeting EIB’s financing requirements. At the same time, it will contribute to enhance the national capacity in road safety. The specific purposes of this contract are as follows: To establish and maintain Project management services that, throughout the Project’s implementation period, will supplement the capacity of the INSEP Project Implementation Unit. Implementation of the EIB’s and the national’s Environmental and Social Safeguards. Successful implementation of the main principles of the Road Safety Directive 2008/96/EC, particularly in relation to road safety audits and inspections. Establish a systematic data collection and reporting arrangements throughout the Project’s implementation period. Contribute to safer roads, in line with the national road safety action plan and sustainable transfer of know-how on road safety management Additionally, the TA Consultant is expected to strengthen safety capacity and systems within INSEP and relevant national bodies. Budget: 3 000 000 EUR Duration: 36 months