NTU: One of the first movers on logistics centres



NTU, which stands for Nordisk Transport Udvikling or Nordic Transport Development in English, was among the first movers to engage in the development of Logistic Centres in the Baltic Sea Region. We then expanded geographically the scope of our assistance to the EU and the extra-European region. Our work aims at encouraging intermodal transport systems that promote sustainable and inclusive growth and facilitate trade flows by improving the effectiveness, efficiency, safety and technology use of transport services and facilities. Our endeavours have resulted in the implementation of many successful projects over the years which have made NTU a solid partner in the Intermodality & Logistics Sector. Indeed, our experience spans a wide range of services, including:

  • Planning (at local, regional and national) on transport infrastructure and transport nodes
  • Networking and ICT Systems for Logistics Centres
  • Advisory services to professional organisations concerning project management, research and development, financing, safety, marketing and partnership as well as services related to procurement, transport planning, economics, logistics consultancy, master planning, business consultancy, management and strategy advisory


Logistical Centres, provision of assistance: from the Baltic Sea Region to outside the EU


In the early 1990s and for more than 10 years, NTU has supported and contributed to the development of new logistic concepts within the Nordic Transport Centre in Aalborg, Denmark. The Transport Centre is integrated into the Nordic Corridor and, through in-depth analysis of transport, economic, planning and institutional development, NTU has been able to support relevant legislative processes at the national level in the intermodal transport sector.

NTU has also worked on the development and the implementation of transport corridors in Europe which have become the basis and structures of the existing TENT-T European corridors with the Pilot Actions for Combined Transport project on Combined Transport in the Nordic Corridor I +II.

1 Pilot Actions for Combined Transport project on Combined Transport in the Nordic Corridor I +II

Best Practice Handbook for Logistics

NTU's approach has been used in EC-matters as a reference for integrated transport and logistics centres. Through the project Networking Logistics Centres in the Baltic Sea Region, our expertise was collected in a Best Practice Handbook for Logistic Centres in the Baltic Sea Region in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund, Baltic Sea Region INTERREG III B.

Under the ETISPLUS project, NTU helped the EC to strengthen a common transport policy framework at European level through the development of the Transport Policy Information System. Additionally, NTU has supported the implementation of the Regional Transport Action Plan for the Mediterranean to facilitate the functioning of the Euro-Mediterranean Transport Forum and its working groups by providing scientific and technical expertise as well as  organisational support.

Outside the EU region

We have also extended our scope to other regions outside the EU, for example by implementing projects with the African Union Commission, strengthening regional integration of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States and preparing strategic transport plans and strategies for nation states. With the project Support to PIDA PAP for the Start-up of Smart Corridor Activities (2015-2017), NTU has contributed to strengthening Africa's capacity to regulate, organise, promote and finance the improvement of interregional and continental transport infrastructure and services through interconnectivity between regions by promoting safe cross-border transport corridors and harmonised transport policies.