Events for a Unified Single Upper Space



NTU successfully implemented the COMESA Airspace Integration project - Consultancy Services for establishment of regulatory framework and agency for COMESA unified single upper airspace, financed by the African Development Bank and with a budget of USD 899.776,4.

This project was implemented between 2015 and 2016 with the objective to develop a framework for formulation and harmonization of safety, economic, environmental and performance policies and regulations, and to build the initial capacity of the multilateral regulatory agencies of the unified airspace.

Joint Workshop Rwanda 2016

How we did it

As part of the undertaken activities, NTU organized two workshops in relation to the Civil-Military Interface.

The first workshop gathered 36 attendees and was held in Kigali from 7th to 11th June 2016. Among others, the following activities were undertaken during this workshop:

  • NTU recommended establishing a Civil Military Interface Committee (CMIC) concerning COMESA regional civil-military interface
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the « to be established» COMESA Integration Agency and Military Authorities of States was presented
  • The responsibilities between the civil aviation authorities and the military authorities in relation to the airspace were defined.
  • Further recommendations were presented in regard to the establishment of the CMIC, the MoU and Model Letter of Agreement (LoA) between national CAA and Military Authority


The second joint workshop was held in Zimbabwe from 18th to 23rd July 2016, and 72 participants from COMESA Member States attended the eventThe outcomes of the second workshop were a follow:

  • NTU made a presentation on its developed Civil Military Interface Framework
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the COMESA Integration Agency and Military Authorities to commit to establish a regional CMIC was presented, as well as a Letter of Agreement (LoA) between the Civil Aviation Authorities and the Military Authorities of individual States to commit to establish national CMIC
  • Terms of Reference Document concerning the Regional CMIC was prepared
  • Guidance Material on the application and implementation of the Flexible Use of Airspace Concept was presented

The second workshop led to the conclusion that regional Civil Military Interface Committee (CMIC) shall disappear within the “to be established” COMESA Eastern and Southern Airspace Agency and it was recommended that Civil Military Interface shall be the responsibility of the States.


The organization of the two workshops by NTU contributed to take important decisions in relation to the civil-military coordination, within the frame of the establishment of regulatory framework and agency for COMESA unified single upper airspace. They contributed to the enhancement of the civil-military cooperation through dialogue and exchange of information. At a more general level, the workshops supported to, not only meet future civil and military air traffic requirements for increased safety, security, capacity, efficiency, environmental sustainability, but also to achieve interoperability, seamlessness and harmonisation.