Technical advisory on Road safety in Zambia



The Technical Advisory/Consultancy Services for the Provision of Road Safety Inputs for the Chinsali - Nakonde Road Rehabilitation Project (North-South Corridor)-T2 project, awarded to NTU with a budget of USD 1.17 million, started in October 2019 and will be implemented for 3 years until October 2022. The project aims at mitigating crash risk due to an increased volume of traffic on the road and an increased travel speeds by the motorists following completion of the civil works on the project corridor. The overall objective of the Consultancy Services for Road Safety Inputs is to:

  1. promote and enhance road safety awareness in the project area and train technicians on rescue operations.
  2. contribute to improved safety through the implementation of road safety audits at the detailed design, construction and pre-opening stages of the road rehabilitation works.

NTU is supporting the Government of Zambia in road safety education and publicity campaign (input 1), the delivery of trainings for first responder (input 2) and for rescue operations (inputs 3), the provision of tailored assistance in the procurement of rescue operations equipment (input 4) and the conduct of road safety audits (input 5).

Map showing location of schools located along the T2 Corridor

How we are doing it

In order to successfully achieve Input 4: Procurement of Rescue Operations Equipment, NTU put in place the folloing actions:

  • Timely revised the list of crashed vehicle extrication equipment provided by the executing agency (Road Development Agency - RDA);
  • Issue of Technical Specifications to three suppliers of vehicle extrication equipment and completion of a technical and financial assessment;
  • Review and finalisation of an equipment list and submission of  procurement documentation to the RDA;
  • Submission of a final equipment list and financial quotation to the RDA;
  • Issue of a production order to the selected supplier (HOLMATRO) and development of a list and cost estimate for the procurement of associated emergency equipment and personal protective equipment.


Through the thorough revision of the list of crashed vehicle extraction equipment, NTU ensured that the acquisition of modern equipment is adapted to local needs and operating conditions and that it is compliant with applicable international technical standards. The modern equipment will be provided at each project site and will improve the rescue and survival of road accident victims in the event of major accidents.

The project aims to impact up to 50,000 people, including road safety sensitisation of local people in Chinsali, Isoka and Nakonde. Target groups include:

  • local inhabitants living in 40 villages along the Corridor and travelling along the road corridor as pedestrians, bicyclists, passengers, and drivers.
  • vulnerable road users – particularly school children from the 34 schools located along the corridor almost all of whom walk or bicycle and cross the highway as part of school–home travel and regularly sell goods on the side of the highway
  • commercial truck and bus drivers – both Zambian and from Tanzania and other bordering countries
  • local taxi and minibus drivers
  • construction workers
  • adults and children living in Chinsali, Isoka and Nakonde who are also likely to frequently travel on short sections of the project corridor and/or on the feeder roads to the corridor.

Map of the project’s locations

Dangerousness of the T2 road

Conducting Pedestrians Assessments

Pedestrians crossing on Market Day at Muombo Village