Improving the Railway Transport Sector of Uganda



NTU is providing technical assistance for the EU-funded project “TA for Capacity Building for the Uganda Railway Corporation” (2019-2021) of a budget of 1.099.200,00 EUR. The project has the objective to improve the performance of the value chain for key products and to support the development of the private sector in Northern Uganda, through the improvement of an environmentally friendly transport infrastructure, complementary to the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU). The main goal of the Initiative is to enhance Institutional Capacity Building of the Transport sector in Northern Uganda by reducing the transport costs and transferring cargo from truck to rail.

The key aspects of the project to be achieved entail improvement of the transport sector performance in Uganda, with specific focus on the sector governance, planning, implementation and sustainability of infrastructure. The Project has two main purposes:

  1. to build the capacity of the staff of Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) to perform appropriate tasks effectively, efficiently and sustainably
  2. to ensure that URC has sufficient skills and knowledge to operate, maintain and develop the railway network.

How we are doing it

In order to ensure that the two main purposes of the Project are successfully achieved, NTU is developing a long-term strategy for infrastructure and rolling stock investment and maintenance including review of all operational manuals / rule books This strategy is implemented through the Training Plan designed on the basis of the results of the training needs assessment to align with the aspects of the project. This approach involves the URC staff as well, which means that interactive approach has an impact on the successful exchange of the knowledge and experiences.



NTU’s work is supporting in building the capacity of the UCR staff to perform tasks effectively, efficiently and sustainably through interactive trainings. It is expected that NTU's services will improve the daily activities of the URC in aspects related to the improvement of reviewed organizational setup and structure, business procedure standards, manuals/guidelines for track maintenance, accident/incident investigations, telecommunications, procurement, marketing and train operations.