Validation workshop on the draft data collection report for the study to update the ECOWAS Energy Policy under the AGOSE-AO TA project


22nd of April, 2021

The NTU team organised the validation workshop on the 15th and 16th of April 2021

As part of the Technical Assistance to ECOWAS for the Implementation of the 11th EDF Energy Governance Programme in West Africa (AGoSE-AO), the NTU team organised on the 15th and 16th of April 2021, a validation workshop on the data collection report which is part of the development of an updated ECOWAS Regional Energy Policy (Activity 5.1). In order to follow the COVID protocol, the workshop was held online through zoom, organized by ECOWAS Directorate of Energy and Mines and had in attendance representatives of the European Union, UEMOA, OMVG, Ministries of Energy from the ECOWAS Member States, ECOWAS Specialized Agencies in charge of energy and NTU International, the consulting firm in charge of the assignment.

In the opening session of the validation workshop, Mr. Sédiko Douka, the Commissioner for Energy and Mines emphasized on the importance of having an updated ECOWAS Regional Energy Policy, stating that:

“Due to the current development in the energy sector and the national and international development challenges, including climate change, there is an urgent need to update and fundamentally revise the ECOWAS Energy Policy to better tackle the existing challenges”.

Mr. Bayaornibè Dabire, the Director of Energy and Mines at ECOWAS, also commented on the significance of validating the data collected by the team in charge of this activity in order to further progress with the assignment. In addition, Ms Anastasia Oikonomou, Infrastructure, Transport and Energy Programme Officer of the European Union Delegation in Nigeria, reiterated that the AGOSE-AO programme is a representation of the robust partnership built between the European Union and ECOWAS Commission and that activity 5.1 is one major milestone of the AGOSE-AO project.

The workshop comprised of several technical sessions focused on:

  1. Presentation of the overall scope of the activity and methodological approval chosen by the Energy Policy team
  2. Presentation of the data collection report
  3. Cross-sectional analysis of Data collected
  4. Discussion session with all Member States Focal Points and institutions which attended the workshop on the content of data collection and way forward.

During the workshop, the Energy Policy team affirmed that the data collected up to date forms an adequate baseline to prepare the draft analytical report and the policy document. The Energy Policy team also stated that the data necessary for the progression of the activity, will be gathered in parallel from the Member states Focal Points to incorporate in the final version of the data collection report and use throughout the implementation of the project.

During the closing session of the validation workshop, the draft data collection report was approved by the Chairman of the meeting Mr Stephen Nadu Ghana Representative, and the Director of Energy and Mines of ECOWAS Commission, expressing their gratitude to the Energy Policy team and TA team on the good work performed, and to all Member States Experts for their active participation in the data collection process and during the validation workshop.

58 participants attended by days of the Validation Workshop, with representatives from all 15 Member states, ECOWAS Commission, ERERA, WAPP, ECREEE, UEMOA, WAGPA, OMVS and European Union Delegation.

For further information, please also check the ECOWAS’ website and news on the validation workshop.

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