NTU's team holds Transport Sector consultation meetings in Kenya

Improving Kenya's transport sector

The State Department of Infrastructure to the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development hosted the meeting with key transport sector Stakeholders for the Institutional Capacity Needs Assessment under the EU funded project Institutional Support to the Kenyan Transport Sector

At the first Project Steering Committee meeting, the stakeholders discussed the first draft on capacity strengthening programme, which is to support Kenyan authorities in three key areas:

  1. Improving governance and transport sector regulatory framework and policies
  2. Technical skills in the transport sector institutions of Kenya for coordinating of infrastructure projects delivery and transport infrastructure management
  3. Urban mobility management, coordination of the upcoming Bus-Rapid-Transit infrastructure projects in Nairobi as well as BRT operations

A better and safer transport system 

The goal is to develop a more efficient and safe transport system, while also increasing productivity and decreasing the negative impacts on climate and environment.

NTU's team will continue to assess and address the demands of the Transport Sectors Institutions of Kenya in order to ensure the delivery of focused institutional capacity building measures that can ensure improved performance of the sector.