The Express Tribune recognises NTU's road safety efforts in Pakistan

Pakistan road safety project

Our road safety project in Pakistan continues to focus on the country’s lack road safety and the importance of changing this. In a recent article published by The Express Tribune, the road safety issues faced by Punjab were highlighted. In 24 hours, a total of 835 road traffic crashes occurred, leaving 929 people injured and seven killed. Out of the injured, 571 were severely injured and transferred to different hospitals. The article emphasizes the importance of NTU’s services, and especially our efforts to ensure that first responders are fully equipped to provide the care needed when they arrive at a crash sight.

Important efforts

NTU International is responsible for the Road Safety Component of Technical Assistance in Pakistan. The team is assisting Pakistan’s Ministry of Communication in their efforts to raise awareness of the country’s road safety through the National Road Safety Awareness Campaign. The campaign will focus on fostering much needed road safety knowledge and accident prevention in Pakistan, thus motivating the population to adopt positive attitudes and behavior towards road safety.  

Awareness campaign

Gaining media attention is an important aspect of this campaign. An extensive media campaign has been planned and will launch later this year. The campaign will include TV, radio, social media, cinemas, billboards and posters and will be launched all over Pakistan.

You can read the full article from The Express Tribune here;