NTU International A/S has been shortlisted for the EuroMed Transport Support Project, Location - ENI Southern region - Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon


This project aims to support the Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries in the implementation of the regulatory aspects of the Regional Transport Action Plan 2014-2020. It contributes to the creation of an integrated transport system in the Mediterranean. The purpose of this contract is to increase the sustainability and performance of transport operations in the Mediterranean region: · Increased safety in transport operations; · Increased efficiency / lower costs of transport operations; · Lower environmental impact of transport operations, thus contributing to regional economic integration, economic well-being and job creation. The major intended outcomes of the EuroMed Transport Support Project are: · In the road transport sector, further encourage the accession to and support the implementation of relevant UNECE agreements with a view to promote harmonized transport regulations in the region. · In the urban transport sector, assist the creation and operation of urban transport authorities and support the roll-out of efficient and innovative fleet management solutions, in line with the EU SUMP guidelines. · Upon request of partner countries, help them progress on specific regulatory reform actions of the RTAP that would not be covered by any other EuroMed technical assistance project. Duration: 48 months Budget: 3 000 000 EUR