Support to the EU Arctic Policy

7th of July, 2022

The project will contribute to implementing the updated EU policy on Arctic matters

We are pleased to announce that we have just been shortlisted for the “Support to the EU Arctic Policy” Project.

Together with our partners on this occasion- the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), NTU International A/S has received an amazing opportunity to contribute towards the projects’ proposed action, which in line with EU priorities, in particular, the European Green Deal – will contribute to implementing the updated EU policy on Arctic matters. The project will be managed by the Industrialised Countries & Foreign Policy Support unit of the European Commission Foreign Policy Instrument Service and among our partner countries in this mission, we stand closely with: Canada, Greenland and Faroe Islands (as territories part of the Kingdom of Denmark), Iceland, Norway, and the United States of America.

This project will support the implementation the EU’s updated Arctic policy through the facilitation of policy dialogue and implementation of actions in key priority areas, such as climate change, environmental protection/biodiversity, sustainable development, and the link between policymaking, climate, research, innovation and comprehensive security. We also aim, together with DTU, to promote the great cooperation among Arctic local and regional authorities, communities and organisations as well as in a broader international context in synergy with the EU-Arctic cooperation