NTU shortlisted for Dhaka–Sylhet Corridor Road Investment Project in Bangladesh


28th of March, 2022

NTU International A/S has been shortlisted for the project: TA-6772 BAN: SASEC Dhaka–Sylhet Corridor Road Investment Project-Tranche 1 - Output 3 (Road Asset Maintenance) (53382-002)”, financed by the ADB in Bangladesh. Two main aims are to be achieved under this Technical Assistance (TA) assignment, specifically:

  1. The identification of key weaknesses in the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) of Bangladesh’s institutional arrangements & capacity to fulfil its mandate in ensuring proper maintenance of road assets;
  2. The provision of support to the RHD to enhance its institutional framework for:
    (a) target setting;
    (b) planning investments needs;
    (c) programming budget;
    (d) implementing works, in order to ultimately guarantee road assets’ sustainability.