Official launch of the IAEREP Project TA2 Capacity Building Programme

2nd of March, 2023

NTU International is pleased to announce the official launch of the Capacity Building programme under the contract “Capacity Building for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects” funded by the European Union in Zambia.

The launch was held on the 23rd of February 2023 at the National Authorising Office of the European Development Fund. The Permanent Secretary – Administration from the Ministry of Energy Dr Chisangano Francesca Zyambo officiated the event, in collaboration with the European Union Delegation represented by the Mr Claudio Bacigalupi (Head of Corporation), Mr Temwani Chihana (Coordinator at the National Authorising Office of the European Development Fund) and Mr Linus Chanda (Chief Executive Officer at the Rural Electrification Authority).

The Capacity Building programme has been designed to provide the Rural Electrification Authority, and other public and private sector institutions, with the essential knowledge and skills required to address the identified skill gaps. The programme encompasses various topics such as:

  • organizational change management,
  • solar and hydro mini-grids development and operation,
  • business models and strategies for rural electrification,
  • monitoring and evaluation using result-based approaches,
  • hydrological modelling and analysis,
  • Public Private Partnership, and
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The programme will be carried out throughout 2023 via recognised national and international trainers. It is expected to directly benefit around 600 professionals with an investment from the EU of around Euro 300,000. We look forward to the successful implementation of the Capacity Building programme that will not only benefit the various sectors but the Zambian people at large.