NTU's long lasting and sustainable impact of activities


As part of FRI - Association of Consulting Engineering (Foreningen af RådgivendeIngeniører), member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), NTU’s successful activity in Zambia was presented in the latest publication of the Association. The paper presents an overview of the long lasting and sustainable impact of activities carried out by our consulting company in the developing regions of Africa, with focus on two major infrastructure projects that are carried out by NTU in Zambia, one in aviation and another in the road sector. "The projects were successful, not least because of the formal and informal training provided to stakeholders, a resulting strengthened legal and institutional capacity, and the direct creation of 350 local jobs. The private sector was also empowered when former staff members established six new businesses. " WORLD-CLASS ENGINEERING AND AN EMPOWERED WORKFORCE - The Contribution of Danish Consulting Engineering Companies to Sustainable Development and Lasting Impact, Danish Association of Consulting Engineering (FIDIC)