NTU supports municipal waste project in Spain

Can Artificial Intelligence help improve how we recycle municipal waste?

NTU International is a partner in the ZRR For Municipal Waste project, where an Artificial Intelligence ZRR2 robot is being trained and tested to automate the process of sorting municipal waste. Using robots for processing waste will help improve the efficiency of the sorting, resulting in larger commercial gains as well as an increased rate and quality of recovered materials from waste, aligned with the principles of a circular economy model. The initiative is piloted in the Ecoparc 4 waste treatment plant located in Barcelona, Spain, and operated by Ferrovial Services, and several other municipalities have already expressed interest in the concept, once the piloting stage is completed. NTU International is providing inputs for the Socioeconomic and Economic Cost Benefit Analysis, as well as an Environmental Impact Assessment of the project.

The project is still in the early stages, but the robot has already learned to recognize and collect different materials separately, and with the ongoing training it will hopefully soon be able to add value to the recycling industry.