NTU starts work on Refuse-Derived Fuel project in Sofia

Refuse-Derived Fuel
NTU’s team is supporting the municipality of Sofia and TOPLOFIKACIA in the establishment of a modern system for Refuse-Derived Fuel utilization, producing combined heat and power. Apart from the generated heat and power, the project will also allow Sofia Municipality to achieve the targets set by EU environmental Acquis Communautaire.

Refuse-Derived Fuel is fuel produced from various types of wastes such as municipal solid wastes, industrial wastes or commercial wastes. Solid waste is a growing problem in all countries, and a critical problem in almost every city of the developing world. Developing countries have in recent years reduced the environmental impact of solid waste through landfills, but the volume of waste generated in developing countries is rising exceedingly. Because traditional landfill method requires substantial amounts of land and contaminate air, water and soil the environmental benefits of refuse-derived fuel, as an alternative technology for disposing of huge amounts of solid waste, are immense.

Tasks to be carried out
NTU will support Sofia Municipality and TOPLOFIKACIA in their efforts to put in place adequate management and organisation of the implementation and operation of the project, and help them fulfil their obligations towards the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the MA. In addition, assistance will be provided to TOPLOFIKACIA in relation with the procurement of a service contract with the FIDIC Engineer as well as the procurement of a turn-key EPC contract that covers the full project scope, comprising technical support services of the EPC contractor after take-over.