NTU shortlisted for TA task in Zimbabwe

Technical assistance for the Zimbabwe National Road Administration

NTU has been shortlisted for technical assistance for the Zimbabwe National Road Administration. NTU has been present in Africa for many years, and our extensive work in both the central and southern regions of Africa has provided us with a broad general local-knowledge and detailed understanding of the cultural environment, which is a must for ensuring effective and sustainable results. Our local-knowledge is especially important when working with local authorities in African countries, where the challenges are often different than what we see elsewhere. By combining our local-knowledge with our expertise in technical assistance tasks, NTU will be able to provide the Zimbabwe National Road Administration with expert guidance, which will help ensure a successful result.


Development of the Zimbabwean road sector 

For this project, the technical assistance is expected to conduct performance review and develop turn around strategies for the Zimbabwe National Road Administration, ZINARA, in order to improve the company’s performance and enable it to deliver on its mandate, vision and objectives in the most economic, efficient and effective way. The TA is expected to deliver analysis, assessments and recommendations for ZINARA. Furthermore, the TA must assist in carrying out the following tasks:

  • External and internal governance framework and its effect on the performance of the ZINARA
  • Economy of operations and their accordance with sound administrative principles and practises and management policies
  • Efficiency in utilising human, financial and other resources to achieve results
  • Effectiveness of performance in relation to the objectives and the actual impact of activities compared with the intended impact
  • Systems, Processes, Procedures and Compliance Review and their impact on the ZINARA Performance
  • Legal Review
  • Benchmarking
  • Additional Review Areas or Methodology