NTU shortlisted for another EC project in PNG

Technical Assistance for the Support Programme to the Implementation of EU-PNG Cooperation

NTU has been shortlisted for another project in Papua New Guinea.
For NTU, PNG is a familiar area, as we have had quite a lot of projects in Papua New Guinea over the years. Furthermore, the TA tasks assigned to this project is within our core-competences, and thus presents an exciting opportunity to combine our expertise with our local-area-network.

For this project, the technical assistance contractor will provide long-term expertise and short-term experts to assist The National Authorising Officer Support Unit (NAO-SU) and the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM) in the implementation of the Support Programme to the Implementation of EU-PNG Cooperation.

The purpose of the contract is to assist in achieving the specific objectives of the support programme, which are:

  • Support the implementation of the Papua New Guinea Government's national policy priorities
  • Ensure the efficient and effective implementation of current and future EDF programmes
  • Support the integration of the aid effectiveness agenda into the official development assistance (ODA) implementation modalities in Papua New Guinea. 

Assisting in the development of PNG

The TA contractor will support the work of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring in enhancing aid effectiveness, systems for efficiency in development cooperation, providing expertise to advance policy development and implementation in a range of areas, and advancing the agenda for budget support. Moreover, the TA contractor will provide NAO-SU’s staff with the required knowledge of EU procedures and project cycle management and facilitate use of that knowledge in the improved systems. The TA contractor will also help NAO assess and augment operational systems required for efficiency in the day-to-day administrative and technical operations and in the monitoring of on-going projects.