NTU’s Team delivered a five-day road safety engineering training course in Pakistan

NTU’s road safety team has held a five-day training course in road safety engineering.
The training was provided for specialists of the National Highway Authority (NHA), National Highways & Motorways Police (NH&MP) and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Islamabad, and took place from the 20th-24th of November.
The NTU led Road Safety Technical Assistance to Pakistan, administered by the Asian Development Bank, and financed by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom delivered the training course.

The specific training objectives were:

  1. Provide basic theoretical knowledge of the concepts of road safety engineering and auditing.
  2. Equip engineers with basic skills required to effectively participate in a supervised on-road inspection and to review a road design under the direction of an accredited Road Safety Auditor and experienced highway engineer.


The course consisted of two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The theoretical part lasted for two days, and was held in a classroom. Here, the trainees were introduced to basic concepts and skills on road safety engineering. The practical part lasted for three days. Here, the trainees visited three site visits, where they had a chance to work with practical issues related to the concepts, they had learned in the classroom.  

The course was successfully held and the main objectives were all achieved. The feedback from the trainees was very positive and their general evaluation ranged around the maximum values. Furthermore, evaluation comments reveal a genuine desire to increase skills and knowledge to implement a safe road design. 
The feedback received highlighted the need for more advanced road safety training courses, and more time allocated for workshops and practical lessons, especially on site.