NTU’s CEO Lars Bentzen named as one of Northern Denmark’s top three owner-managers.

Top 3 owner-managers in Northern Denmark

Every year, PWC and Nykredit select the best owner-managers from each region of Denmark.
For every region, ten owner-managers are selected, and after a thorough analysis of each company three finalists are selected. This year, NTU’s CEO Lars Bentzen was among the finalists, and all of NTU’s employees attended the event to support Lars, as he was named one the three best owner-managers in the northern region of Denmark.

Work-life balance

When PWC announced the three finalists, they shared a short article about each contender explaining what made them stand out as an owner-manager. In the article about Lars, PWC highlighted his ability to lead his employees towards achieving the best possible outcome for NTU’s clients, by creating a workplace where his employees can grow and develop.

“He has managed to maintain a surprisingly low staff turnover, which among other things, is due to his prioritization of work-life balance.”

NTU would like to congratulate Lars and all of our employees on this extraordinary achievement. We are happy and proud to have received this acknowledgement, especially since NTU’s area of business is primarily outside of Denmark.



Watch the NTU presentation video from PWC below