NTU’s 2018 semi-annual review for transport projects is the best yet

High-performing transport sector profile

NTU has finished its semi-annual review for transport projects. Transport sector services are among our core competencies and continues to be a high-performing sector for us. With many large on-going transport projects, NTU’s transport team has yet another busy and successful year ahead of them. 

Continued presence in Africa

With many of our on-going transport projects taking place in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and West Africa (ECOWAS member states), Africa continues to be a strong region for us. NTU has been present in Africa for +10 years, and our decade-long experience in the region has provided us with extensive local-knowledge and detailed understanding of the cultural environment, which is a must for ensuring effective and sustainable capacity building and institutional strengthening results. 

NTU’s developments in other regions

Besides our many projects in Africa, we have also experienced higher demands in other regions, with the team recently taking on a large road safety project in Pakistan. Later this year, the team will also start a new road safety project in Europe.

You can read more about our road safety project in Pakistan here: