NTU participates in the European Development Days 2022

24th of June, 2022

The NTU team recently returned from the European Development Days in Brussels

We have recently returned from the European Development Days event and are thrilled about all the good energy and insightful information received. As a matter of fact, so good, we were told that two most frequently used words used were “Inspiration” and “Empowering”- and we couldn’t agree more!

The theme this year was 'Global Gateway: building sustainable partnerships for a connected world’. The programme, which included over 90 sessions, was co-created with the EDD community and we believe the Team did an amazing job.

Alongside the thematic sessions, EDD 2022 had a series of Special Events focusing on key aspects of the Global Gateway. Through those high-level sessions, the NTU Team explored the geopolitical, financial, and geographical aspects of this year’s theme. Together with the rest of the attendees, we discussed the Global Gateway flagships’ impact in Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and the EU Neighborhood. We engaged in some of the most interesting Global Gateway discussions on how to rethink corridors, innovative financing, and urban development.


NTU International has been stunned about the impactful discussions and great networking along the 4000 attendees visiting the event, many of whom visited our NTU’s project Stand in the Global Village. We were also glad to meet the Capacity4dev Team, which is the European Commission’s online knowledge-sharing platform, and we provided feedback on the use of the platform and the success stories of NTU that are shared with the community.

Our team met extraordinary fellow colleagues of the #TeamEurope initiative, including Maria Shaw-Barragan, the Director of Lending in Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia and Latin America at EIB Global, Michael Pennington Deputy Head of Unit at DG INTPA, alongside distinguished speakers and many EU colleagues.

We are pleased to have had such an amazing experience, and a great visibility on our stand in the Global Village. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to say ‘hi’ and we look forward to meeting everyone again.

Together we are #TeamEurope; Together we connect the World.