NTU participated in 13th edition of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s Energy Talks

13th edition of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s Energy Talks

5th of March, 2024

NTU recently participated in the 13th edition of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s (AEEP) Energy Talks, which focused on addressing the energy challenges encountered by African island states.

During the event, Kamugisha Kazaura, Director of Infrastructure & Energy at the African Union Commission, highlighted the multifaceted obstacles faced by African island states, including their heavy reliance on costly imported fossil fuels, inadequate revenue generation from tariffs, limited capital investments, and a lack of institutional regulatory and technical capacity for renewable energy systems. Arnaud DeMoor, Deputy Head of Unit for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy at DG INTPA, emphasized the urgent necessity for these states to transition to renewable energy sources and discussed the impediments hindering this transition.

One notable discussion centered around the renewable energy project in Cape Verde, illustrating the tangible benefits of electricity access for residents, such as improved living standards and cost savings. The panel also explored transferring knowledge from European island states to African counterparts, with Jan Cornillie, Project Director of Clean Energy for EU Islands secretariat, and Thanos Zarogiannis, Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy of Greece, sharing insights from initiatives in the European context.

Furthermore, Rebecca Bisangwa, Associate Professional Technology & Infrastructure at IRENA, highlighted the importance of stakeholder collaboration and resource assessment in planning for renewable energy development on islands.

This event was very important as it highlighted the significance of collaboration and partnerships in addressing power sector challenges and fostering a just energy transition.

NTU is committed to contributing to these efforts and looks forward to future collaborations aimed at achieving a sustainable energy future for all.