NTU leads a new project proposal regarding road safety


SAFARI sets up a first of its kind dialogue and data gathering platform, focusing on five thematic pillars: 1) Road Safety Management 2) Safer Roads and Mobility 3) Safer Vehicles 4) Safer Road Users and 5) Post Crash Response This platform will foster collaboration and bring together different level stakeholders (such as the African Union Commission), who through specialized subcommittees will compare methodologies and disseminate best practice examples. The goal, involving the five thematically focused pillars, is to assess the progress made in the work towards fulfilling the 2020 African Road Safety Action Plan objectives. The initial involvement will focus on the Cairo-Gaborone (Cape Town) Corridor. The SAFARI initiative will gather data and support risk analyses in selected areas of the five thematic pillars allowing for a factual appraisal of the problems and an outline of the critical areas and the challenges facing the themes addressed within the platform. The initiative will analyze the current road safety assessment methodologies and management systems in order to define how to best measure future progress. This will help identify the upgrades needed for skills development and training of staff, and the research and innovation needed in order to guarantee a fast deployment of long lasting and sustainable solutions. Finally, the SAFARI initiative campaigns will ensure the outreach of findings to the public. For further information about the project please contact Konstantina Kaisheva on kgk@ntu.eu