NTU has organised in Jordan a road safety seminar under the EIB funded project MENA Region: Road Safety Action Programme


On 5th May 2016 within the framework of the EIB funded MENA Region: Road Safety Action Programme, NTU organised in Amman the road safety seminar "How to decrease the number of road accidents in a country". This seminar has been organised through a practical approach, looking for providing an added value to road safety stakeholders in Jordan. The total number of participants in the Seminar was 74. Seminar participants were high officials, directors and technical staff from government institutions, such as the MoPWH, MoT, MoMA, JTI, GAM, Public Security Directorate, etc., representatives from the private sector (engineering consulting firms, construction companies, etc.) and university academics specialised in roads and road safety. His Excellency the Minister of Public Works and Housing in Jordan opened the seminar. Seminar presentations were mainly focused on road safety actions and experiences implemented in Portugal, Serbia and Lebanon. Their results and implications were also presented. Speakers were international professionals directly involved in the design, implementation and monitoring process of the actions and experiences presented. The topics of the presentations were the following: Road infrastructure safety management: from a curative to a proactive policy Road Safety in Portugal. A question of attitude? Making law enforcement on Lebanon roads cater to safety first Road Safety Review in the Republic of Serbia (Our way from 1275 to 536 road fatalities) Benefiting social media platforms to promote road safety.