NTU Experts attend Bandari Maritime Academy (BMA) Board Meeting on the Adoption of Five-Year Strategic Plan

A key objective under the EU Funded, Institutional Support to the Kenyan Transport Sector (ISKTS) project, is to transform Bandari College in Mombasa, established in 1980 as a training and staff development institution for the Kenya Ports Authority, into Bandari Maritime Academy (BMA), a regional centre of excellence, in training, research and skills for the development of the Kenya’s Blue Economy. As part of this process NTU experts have been developing a Five-Year Strategic Plan, Communications Strategy, and a Medium to Long-term Investment Plan for BMA.

Incorporating feedback garnered from stakeholder workshops on the preparation of the Strategic Plan, the draft document was presented by NTU’s Team Leader and Expert in Maritime Economics to the BMA Board of Directors, during a dedicated retreat held late last year. Subsuquently, following the completion and submission of the BMA Strategic Plan and the Communications Strategy, this week NTU’s Team Leader and technical experts were invited to attend the sheduled Board Meeting of the BMA in Mombasa, where they made presentations on the finalised documents to the Board and Management of BMA. NTU’s experts also made presentations on the BMA 10-Year Investment Plan which is the third and final output under this assignment.

The adoption of these strategic documents by stakeholders is a significant achivement for all involved, as they provide the pathway to achieving the goal of readying BMA for the future skills requirements of the region’s Blue Economy. NTU staff would like to thank our hosts for the warm welcome this week and their contributions to the positive and fruitful discussions.