NTU carried out a Workshop with ANS inspectors as part of the TA to the Zambian Aviation sector project


The event was held from 3rd to 6th February 2014 within Zambian Air Services Technical Institute (ZASTI). Objectives of the workshop were that participants: • understand the ICAO PBN concept • demonstrate understanding of navigation specifications • compile information together in a different way by combining elements of KPIs • be familiar with training system for Air Traffic Controllers • apply knowledge to propose a general training syllabus and structure of plans for ATCO training and education.Workshop was design and conducted in three modules: • MODULE 1:ICAO Performance Based Navigation Concept • MODULE 2:KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS AND INDICATORS • MODULE 3:Common Core Training for Air Traffic Controllers A number of materials have been developed together with forms and checklists for use by both the operators (ANSP) and the Inspectors (NSA). Procedures for NSA to prepare and conduct initial certification audit to ANSP were designed and prepared. Procedures and processes to develop Airspace Concept in order to implement ICAO Performance Based Navigation Concept, and to develop PBN implementation plan are explained in detail, shown in a case study, and prepared for the beneficiary.