NTU awarded framework contract Services in Support of EASA International Cooperation Activities


NTU Consortium awarded EASA FWC Lot1 - Aviation Consulting and Training Services. This result follows NTU’s long standing international experience in providing technical assistance in aviation sector, and comes to fortify NTU’s activities in this sector. The Consortium formed by NTU includes consulting companies from several EU countries and is reinforced exclusively by IATA Consulting. The start of the cooperation was marked by a Kick -Off Meeting at EASA’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany, on the 30th of May 2016. Kick-off meting NTU Consortium was represented by the FWC Manager - Emina Kapetanovic and Deputy FWC Manager - Ted Sheldia. In addition, representatives for each member of the consortium participated in the meeting as well as Lars Bentzen, Managing Director of NTU International A/S. Services under Lot 1 "Aviation Consulting and Training Services including Project Management & Event/Support" Services under Lot 1 will provide overall and comprehensive support to international cooperation projects implemented by EASA. In addition to technical expertise for the delivery of cooperation activities such as regulatory exchanges or technical training, services include also support to project management tasks as well as logistical and event management services to facilitate the activities and general implementation of the various projects that the Agency implements around the world. In order to implement the above services requested by the Agency, the provision of technical expertise that NTU Consortium shall ensure can take the form of either short or long term assignments. Contract duration: 4 years Contract value: 20 mio. EUR For further information about the contract, please contact: Emina Kapetanovic ehk@ntu.eu Ana Anton ama@ntu.eu