NTU awarded EIB financed Energy project in Montenegro

5th of July, 2022

The NTU team will be doing pre-feasibility analysis of implementing green roofs and façades to improve the energy performance of public buildings

We have been selected to participate in an undoubtedly interesting project from the European Investment Bank, aiming to assess the potential of green roofs, façades, and de-sealing of surfaces in Montenegro.

NTU International together with our team of experts, will be working on various tasks that will focus on a pre-feasibility analysis of implementing green roofs/ façades, to improve the energy performance of a selected sample of public buildings and opening sealed surfaces in public areas to help reduce heat island effects and the danger of flooding during extreme weather events. The project will last 8 months.

With this new concept being implemented in Montenegro, our team is set to have a great start in the areas of innovation and climate change adaptation strategies. In additional to the green roof concept, the potential energy efficiency gains through the renovation of buildings and the absorption of excess rainwater, will be highly impactful to our project’s strategy.

We look much forward to the development of this EIB assignment.