New award for the NTU Consortium - TA to the New European Bauhaus Project

The endeavor is set to kick off in October 2023 and is projected to conclude in April 2024

31st of October, 2023

We are excited to share that the NTU Consortium has been awarded an assignment to assist the European Investment Bank in preparing the Investment Guidelines for the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Project. This endeavor is set to kick off in October 2023 and is projected to conclude in April 2024.

The NEB Project Investment Guidelines will focus on three pivotal facets of the Built Environment:

  • Buildings (including schools, hospitals, and affordable housing).
  • Open spaces (comprising urban parks, squares, and streets).
  • Neighborhoods (encompassing the creation of new districts, the revitalization of existing ones, and the amalgamation of the prior two subsectors).

This assignment is a significant addition to the ongoing NEB guidelines and toolkits, which are dedicated to providing practical and operational support to project promoters, guiding them in incorporating NEB principles into their project designs and implementations.

The New European Bauhaus is more than an initiative; it's a creative and interdisciplinary movement that bridges the European Green Deal with our everyday living spaces and experiences. It unites citizens, experts, businesses, and institutions in the shared goal of reimagining sustainable living across Europe and, indeed, around the world.

Beyond fostering a platform for experimentation and connection, the NEB initiative offers access to EU funding, empowering beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive urban development projects that leave a lasting positive impact.