Kick-Off Meeting for the first assignment managed by the NTU Consortium under Lot 4: Support to ANAP in Monitoring of the Sampling System Project

We are pleased to announce that yesterday took place the Kick-Off meeting for the first assignment managed by the NTU Consortium, under Lot 4: Programme Management Support, of the FWC to support the Activities of the EIB Project Advisory Support Team in Romania. The meeting was attended by the implementing team, NTU Consortium, EIB as well as representatives from the beneficiary, National Agency for Public Procurement of Romania (ANAP).

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NTU Consortium has been selected by the EIB to deliver a project in Romania: “Support to ANAP in Monitoring of the sampling system”

The purpose of the meeting was for the team to discuss with both EIB and ANAP about the objectives of the project, main activities and results to be achieved and agree the next set of steps and strategies to be implemented with the goal of successfully supporting ANAP in monitoring the results of the daily sampling activity of procurement procedures and contract modifications, and in adjusting the sampling methodology and IT sampling tool. The project will run for 13 months.
The Client expressed his satisfaction about the fruitful meeting and foresees a good working collaboration between the TA team, NTU consortium EIB and ANAP. NTU is looking forward to seeing the project unfold in the following months!