EU Arctic Forum and Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue

12th of January, 2023

NTU International is following the EU Arctic Forum and Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue, a two-day event that will take place on the 8th and 9th of February in Nuuk, Greenland. The event is jointly organised by the European Commission and the Government of Greenland, Naalakkersuitut.

There will be shed light on topics from international cooperation, sustainable and inclusive economic development in the Arctic, to human and social matters affecting Indigenous Peoples. Additionally, the challenges and risks posed by climate change and Arctic partnerships will be debated. Furthermore, there will be discussed research, innovation, and how to implement Arctic and traditional knowledge, promoting a fruitful and inclusive collaboration between the EU and the Arctic.

A broad range of Arctic stakeholders representing governments, international organisations, civil society, industry, research, indigenous and local communities, and youth emerging leaders will participate and feed into the discussions, through keynote addresses and panel sessions.

At NTU we are committed to supporting inclusive and sustainable development in Greenland. We support government agencies, and public and private stakeholders, in their efforts to deliver better services to communities globally. For NTU, local empowerment and long-term sustainability are core values, when we join efforts with local and global stakeholders to respond to challenges in an innovative and transparent manner.

We are excited to follow this EU Arctic Forum and Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue ’23.


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