Contribution of Investment Projects to the European Security Initiative – Cyber Security

NTU consortium has successfully finalized the implementation of another assignment under the Framework agreement to support EIB advisory services (EIBAS) activities inside and outside EU-28, Lot 4: Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure and Horizon 2020 - “Contribution of Investment Projects to the European Security Initiative – Cyber Security”, which was implemented between January and September 2020.

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New Shortlist for EIB Advisory Services (EIBAS)

In order to meet the assignment’s objectives, the team of experts has developed an Identification of Cybersecurity Related Investment methodology (ICRI), which can be used to estimate the cybersecurity investment values from overall level of ICT investments in a semi-automated and traceable way, using a series of steps enumerated in an excel document. The ICRI was practically applied during the engagement with project promoters on selected EIB financed projects to estimate the cybersecurity investment. These estimates were further compared with reported cybersecurity spending, both to validate the methodology and to discuss the experts’ observations and opinion.

Based on the outputs of the Assignment, the Bank will prepare a Guidance Note for Security Investments with the objective to serve as a tool for project promoters to assess which projects and which components of them will contribute to improve security at very early stages of project development.