Completion of Phase 1 on Energy Efficiency project in the Republic of Moldova

18th of August, 2023

We are proud to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the project: Technical Assistance to the preparation and implementation of the Energy Efficiency project in the Republic of Moldova.

NTU International A/S is currently providing technical assistance under the flagship initiative in Moldova of the European Union, which will finance energy efficiency renovations in public buildings in Moldova, including hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

The EIB and the EBRD are supporting the energy efficiency of Moldova’s public buildings by lending 30 MEUR each, with the European Union complementing the investment with 15.2 MEUR in grants from its Neighborhood Investment Platform (NIP) and Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Trust Fund (EPTATF).

During phase 1, we conducted a feasibility study considering the preparation and implementation of a programme for the energy efficiency refurbishment of public buildings throughout Moldova, involving energy efficiency and energy efficiency refurbishment measures (the Moldova Energy Efficiency Project), including the completion of Energy Audits in 16 buildings of the 9 Pilot projects.

With this major milestone behind us, we are now moving on to the Implementation Phase, as we will continue to support the Moldovan authorities in facilitating the proper preparation, implementation and monitoring of the Loan and the Grant.

The investments of this project directly contribute to energy savings and improve buildings environment, CO2 emission reduction and contribute to climate change mitigation, as well as building consolidation works (walls, basement, etc.) strongly recommended for health and safety considerations.