Another EIB Framework Agreement shortlist for NTU

Another EIB shortlist
NTU has been shortlisted for another EIB Framework Agreement. This shortlist is concerning Lot 1, Urban Development, and Lot 2, Water and Solid Waste. The contract will run for four years, and  will cover all EIB countries from the EIB regions of: EU, Pre-Accession Countries, European Eastern Neighbourhood, FEMIP1, ACP2, ALA4 and South Africa.

Tasks and responsibilities under the Framework agreement 
The service provider is expected to deliver the following activities and responsibilities under the EIB Framework Agreement:

  • The technical, economic, financial, procurement, environmental and social appraisal and monitoring of projects. Typically, rapid interventions are required, of a short-term nature and concerning one or more areas of expertise, in line with the Bank’s project appraisal cycle
  • The provision of project preparation, implementation and institutional support to promoters including supervision of major technical assistance programmes.
  • The provision of specific expertise in engineering, economics and urban planning to undertake specific studies or research