80 Million EUR EIBAS Contracts come into force for NTU

NTU International, as a leader of consortium has officially started the implementation of five lots from the prestigious EIB Advisory Services (EIBAS) Framework Contract. This accomplishment follows the previous awarding of these contracts to NTU International, further solidifying the company's position as a trusted partner in delivering specialized services for EIB's activities worldwide. Building on our 6 years of experience in implementing phase 1 of the EIBAS FWC 2016 – 2022 as well as our innovation and high-quality methodology, NTU has achieved the highest technical evaluation score of 96.33 out of 100 points. We are grateful for the recognition of our capacity to efficiently and successfully deliver such complex Framework Contracts and look forward to serving the EIB in the next 4 years.

The awarded lots and their corresponding values are as follows:

The primary objective of EIBAS is to establish multiple framework agreements that offer specialized services to support the activities of the Advisory Services Department across target countries of operations, both within and beyond the European Union. NTU International, as a leader of the consortiums associated with these lots, is well-positioned to deliver exceptional expertise and guidance in these strategic areas.

With a duration of four years, these contracts hold a total value of EUR 80,000,000. NTU’s expertise and experience in global consulting enable us to efficiently navigate complex challenges and deliver impactful solutions for EIB's diverse range of projects.

As a worldwide engagement, NTU International will collaborate closely with the European Investment Bank (EIB), contributing to their mission of promoting sustainable economic growth, job creation, and improving standards of living for people across the globe. This partnership marks an important milestone for NTU and reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change on an international scale.