2nd annual evaluation meeting with EASA

NTU attends 2nd annual evaluation meeting with EASA
NTU has completed the 2nd annual meeting with the European Aviation Safety Agency. Our team can look back at two very successful years, during which 99 EASA contracts have been signed. This year alone, NTU is implementing 45 EASA contracts. NTU has secured and maintained high quality implementation of this framework contract and are looking forward to commencing work on the third year of the contract.

Future projects
NTU’s team will continue with the pending contracts and will next be assisting EASA in offering support to ACSA standardisation and CAA re-organisation in Latin America and Caribbean. Moreover, the team will also be continuing implementation of remaining activities under ‘Provision of Short-Term Experts for the implementation of the technical activities related to “WP4 – Competence development” of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Project (EaP/CA).


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